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Finance and operations consulting for growth companies

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VS Analytics have worked with a broad range of some of the fastest growing and most innovative companies since 2014.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Business Plan Reviews - examine the assumptions and projections in a strategic plan to secure future investment
  • Reporting Review - develop and embed appropriate reporting, balancing transparency and speed of delivery
  • KPI Identification & Monitoring - target the metrics at the heart of the business
  • Budgeting / Forecasting - efficiently allocate capital and predict financial consequences of your decisions on cash flow
  • Medium Term Planning - build a credible financial plan your growth aspirations
  • Pricing and Cost Decision Support - understand cost drivers and market dynamics to help price products and services
  • Controls and Governance - ensure the control infrastructure matches growth aspirations
  • Transfer Pricing Review - establish a clear approach to apportion the costs of business across varied group structures
  • Client and Investor Content - communicate business ambitions to clients and investors clearly and succinctly
  • Due Diligence - work with investors and VCs to assess target companies